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For over 70 years InterAct Ministries has served across Alaska, western Canada and Siberia. We dive deep into discipleship – serving heart by heart, community by community.
Many people are often surprised to learn there are thousands of indigenous, immigrant and unreached communities that have little to no gospel witness.


In the bush, there are over 150 villages with populations of less than 1,000. Most of these villages are not on the road system and do not have a gospel-centered church. Discipleship opportunities are often non-existent or limited at best. While churches abound in the urban regions in Alaska, most have been unable to contextualize the gospel enough to incorporate cross-cultural diversity. Many in these villages have yet to hear God’s message communicated in ways that make sense to them. 

Anchorage, Fairbanks and the rapidly expanding Mat-Su Valley are home to a growing number of Alaska Natives. The “urban villages” present incredible opportunities to make a difference among ethnic groups, impacting the environment of even the largest urban centers. Will you help us to reach the least-reached one heart at a time?


There are over two hundred First Nations communities across western Canada without a significant gospel witness. The need for relational ministry is still great among these people groups. InterAct Canada desires to see discipled, gathered believers, that are following Christ and serving locally and internationally.

Over the years God has expanded our vision to reach out to the growing populations of immigrants arriving in Canada. Primarily located in urban centers, immigrant peoples are looking for personal relationships and connections. The opportunity is great to come alongside these people and see life change at a heart level. 


Scattered among this vast expanse of Siberia live over 40 indigenous peoples. From the nomadic reindeer herders of the north to the peoples who have urbanized into Russian cities, they all face similar struggles. InterAct serves alongside local churches to partner in reaching and making disciples among the least-reached peoples of Siberia.

Traveling through the various regions, the thing that jumps out is not the vastness—it’s the hopelessness. Many are without the knowledge of the Savior and are trying to find hope with animism or in the rites of a shaman. Abuse, suicide and addiction are all too common symptoms of a lack of understanding and acceptance of the gospel.

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Become a witness for Christ to some of the least-reached people on earth.


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