EnGage! is a relational-to-the-core, cross-cultural missions experience empowering participants to build friendships and live out the love of Jesus Christ in a local community. It is a hands-on, highly experiential mentorship-type program designed to provide practical experiences that impact lives for Christ. Opportunities are available for Alaska, western Canada and Siberia.

"One of the best summers I have ever had. It was a really incredible experience. If you are thinking about doing any kind of mission work, this is the way to get a taste of it."
EnGage! Canada
"All the time in our community we were asked, 'Are you a Christian?' When we said yes, this would start a conversation. But because we had built relationships already and people had gotten to know us, and like us, it didn't bother them. They would then ask us lots of questions about what we believed and what Christianity was like, and we were able to tell them."
EnGage! Canada
"EnGage! challenged me to trust God in times where I could not 'do things' because of the language barrier. This allowed me to let others partake in the 'doing' part while I prayed, another very important part of the ministry."
EnGage! Siberia


EnGage! Alaska is designed to give you a cross-cultural ministry experience in a Native village/community of Alaska. Your primary role will be to learn from the community as you build friendships and participate in village/community life. As you interact with the people, you may find opportunities to encourage believers and share about your relationship with God. Living in a cross-cultural village/community is an opportunity to build relationships through shared experiences, learn from the people, serve others and demonstrate Christ’s love.

People Group: Alaska Natives
Dates: June 10 – July 22, 2024
Cost: $2,000
Location: From Anchorage, AK


EnGage! Canada is designed to give you a cross-cultural ministry opportunity in a First Nations community in western Canada. Living in a community you will work to build relationships through developing life experiences together that give you opportunities to serve the people and live out Christ’s love among them. You can engage with all ages and there will always be children and young people delighted to have your attention. As relationships develop you will seek to move people along in their journey with Jesus. 

People Group: First Nations
Dates: June 21 – Aug 6, 2024
Cost: $1,500 USD/$1,500 CDN
Location: From Calgary, AB


EnGage! Siberia is designed to give participants hands-on experience with one of InterAct’s missionaries using various ministry outreaches and events to build relationships and to support the ministries of local churches in Siberia. Outreach events will take on many forms including, but not limited to: English clubs, relationship-building events (hikes, movie discussions, picnics, etc.) and a trip to an unreached region.

People Groups: Siberians & Russians
Dates: June 10 – July 30, 2024
Cost: $3,500 USD/$4,700 CDN (includes airfare)


Interns will participate in a week-long training covering relevant history, ethnocentrism, worldview, culture, how to build cross-cultural relationships and how to represent and share the gospel well.

Interns are assigned a mentor to encourage them to adapt to life in the community. Participants will learn how to connect with community members, process their experiences and reflect spiritually.

Interns will be partnered with at least one teammate and a mentor to provide support as needed.


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