Retired Missionaries

Retired Missionaries

Rhaylene Abbey

BIRTHDAYS November 11th

Rhaylene majored in Math Education at The King’s College in New York State. Upon receiving her degree, she taught in upstate New York for one year, then pursued her original calling and attended Missionary Internship. For sixteen years she served with Slavic Gospel Association in Alaska. Then she transferred to InterAct Ministries, working at the Arctic Bible Institute and Correspondence School for the next five years before returning to Kodiak, Alaska. Rhaylene retired in 2017, but still assists with outreach through visitation, Bible studies, and fellowship. She is involved with the local senior center in Kodiak where she spends time getting acquainted with other seniors and ministering to them. She also assists in teaching Sunday School classes at her church.

Retired Missionaries

Russ & Freda Arnold

Russ: July 26th
Freda: January 5th
ANNIVERSARY: June 10, 1951

Russ was a junior in high school when he felt the call of the Lord to serve Him in Alaska. He and Freda were married in 1951, after which he finished Bible school and also a missionary medical course in Canada. In 1956 they traveled with their three children to Alaska to the small village of Kokrines where they ministered among the Athabaskan people. The following year, they moved to the village of Ruby and they ministered for there for ten years. They then moved to the village of Nenana and they remained there for six years. Russ taught and directed the Arctic Bible Institute in Palmer and saw a number of graduates go on to serve their Lord in their respective villages. After ten years at the school, he moved into administrative duties in Alaska and then in Calgary. They Arnolds often enjoy phone calls and visits from the people from the villages as well as former students. They have no regrets serving the Lord for fifty-two years in Alaska, and their hearts are still with the people and fellow missionaries with which they served. In October of 2021 Russ went to be with the Lord. 

Retired Missionaries

Charlie & Judy Cook

Charlie: December 8th
Judie: September 4th
ANNIVERSARY: March 21, 1959

Charlie and Judy met in Orlando, Florida, where both their families lived. After about six years of marriage (and 2 daughters), Judy met Jesus and Charlie rededicated his life. They became active in their local church, where Charlie had the opportunity to attend Luther Rice Seminary. After pastoring a Mexican migrant church for three years, the family made the decision to join Interact Ministries in 1973. Charlie and Judy served as church planters in British Columbia: eleven years in Anahim Lake, eight years in Chetwynd, and then in Dawson Creek. In the fall of 1999, they moved to southern British Columbia. They have two adult daughters. Though retired, Charlie and Judy continue to connect with the people they served among in Canada.

Retired Missionaries

Doris Hagedorn

BIRTHDAY January 12th

Doris was raised in Washington and graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible in 1959. She has served with InterAct since 1960 in village ministries in South Naknek, Tanana, Kokhanok, Pedro Bay and Nondalton. Doris moved to Wasilla in 1988 to continue urban and village outreach ministry. Though retired she remains active in a number of ministry spheres from her home in Alaska.

Retired Missionaries

Dave & Kay Henry

Dave: January 26th
Kay: October 12th
ANNIVERSARY: June 8th, 1956

Dave and Kay began their ministry in Alaska by translating portions of the New Testament under Wycliffe with the Koyukon Indians. In 1986 they joined InterAct (then Arctic Missions) working as church planters with this people group. They worked with the Koyukon churches in remote areas of Alaska along the Yukon and Koyukuk Rivers as well as with the urban Native church in Fairbanks. In 1993 they joined the Russia team and moved to Siberia. After serving many years in Russia they returned to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2010 where Dave serves on the Elder board of the Native Bible Church. They also continue to be connected with the ministry in Siberia. Kay went to be with the Lord in the fall of 2021. 

Retired Missionaries

Dave Hill

BIRTHDAY July 11th

David grew up in Apalachin, New York. He attended Carson-Newman College in Tennessee and received his B.S. in Physical Education, Health and Recreation. He received his Bible education while attending Practical Bible Training School in Johnson City, New York, 1979-81. He served as assistant pastor at Glendale Baptist Church from 1980-81 in Endicott, New York. Dave and his late wife Sally began serving with InterAct (then Arctic Missions) as church planters in 1986. Sally went to be with the Lord in March of 2017.

Retired Missionaries

Jennetta Hughes

BIRTHDAY August 27th

Jennetta grew up in Palmer, Alaska. She married her childhood friend Ken, and after four years of marriage, they moved to Three Hills, Alberta, where Ken attended Prairie Bible Institute. After graduation, he received his airplane and mechanical and flying licenses from Clover Park Technical in Tacoma, Washington. They returned to Alaska in 1966 and served in the village of Grayling for four years. They then moved to Big Lake where Ken has worked as mission carpenter, Bible teacher, pilot, and mechanic. They have six grown children. In 2016 Ken passed away.

Retired Missionaries

Dan & Barb Kees

Dan: September 9th
Barb: December 31st
ANNIVERSARY: June 4th, 1965

Dan and Barb are currently serving in the Lethbridge, Alberta area among the Blackfoot nation and other First Nations tribes as church planters. Their passion for the remaining years of ministry is to disciple, encourage, and train the young Native leaders to serve God with their whole hearts, especially in their family relationships. Dan and Barb have three married children and ten grandchildren. Mike and Laurie, Charlie Kathy, and Amy and Dave, are all serving the Lord with their families and involved in their local churches.

Retired Missionaries

Betty Kirsch

BIRTHDAY July 22nd

Betty grew up in Australia and came to know the Lord in Scotland. She graduated from Prairie Bible Institute in 1961. In 1963 she joined Slavic Gospel Association and then transferred to InterAct (then Arctic Missions) in 1984, serving among the Aleut people on the Alaska Peninsula. Betty moved to British Columbia in 1991 to minister among the Sikhs, where she loved tutoring the children and getting involved with extended families. She retired in 2007 and moved back to her home in Australia.

Retired Missionaries

Bob & Carol Moffat

Bob: September 17th
Carol: March 11th
ANNIVERSARY: December 20th, 1952

Bob and Carol met in high school and were married in 1952. Bob served in the army in Alaska, after which he enrolled in and graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible. They arrived in Alaska in 1959 and served in three Native villages. Bob was appointed assistant Alaska director in 1971 and Canada director in 1981. They served in this capacity until February 1994. They have six grown children. Bob and Carol have a ministry in member care. This entails giving counsel and pastoral care to missionaries. They also minister to first-termers, attend and speak at conferences and retreats, and help national pastors and leaders. Recently they have spent a considerable amount of time volunteering at the U.S. office digitizing and cataloging thousands of photos and slides from the mission’s history, as well as sorting through prayer letters and mission updates that span over sixty years. Their many years with the mission have uniquely qualified them for this task.

Retired Missionaries

Shirley Morgan

BIRTHDAY April 27th

Shirley is involved in friendship evangelism, discipleship, counseling, home and hospital visitation, follow-up on referrals from village missionaries, and assisting and encouraging leadership in various areas of ministry with Alaska Natives.

Retired Missionaries

George & Judy Richardson

George: December 28th
Judy: April 30th
ANNIVERSARY: November 25th, 1967

George first joined InterAct (then Arctic Missions) in 1966. He and Judy have served together with the missions since 1968. During their ministry, they spent over thirty-two years church planting in the Interior of Alaska, first in the villages of Cantwell and Ruby and then in Fairbanks. George served as Field Director of the Alaska Field for three years. In 2001 they were asked by the mission to move into the role of providing member care, helping provide spiritual and emotional support for the field missionaries. They continue to be involved in this ministry as well as continue ministering among their many contacts with the Native People of Alaska. They have four grown sons, all married with their families serving the Lord.

Retired Missionaries

Gale & Jean Van Diest

Gale: February 5th
Jeanie: August 14th
ANNIVERSARY: June 6th, 1952

Gale and Jean met while attending Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon. After graduation and marriage, they attended the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Norman, Oklahoma. Then Gale completed the Missionary Medical course at Biola. They arrived in Alaska in 1954 to begin a church-planting ministry in the Athabascan Indian village of Holikachuk. They served twelve years in Holikachuk and then moved to the newly-formed Arctic Bible Institute where Gale taught and was student advisor. Gale was appointed Alaska field director in 1970 and served as general director from 1987 to 1995. They have five grown children, three in Alaska, one in Spain, and one in Mossyrock, Washington. They also have nineteen grandchildren. They are active in ministry in the local community. Gale serves as an elder in their local church and teaches adult SS. They also serve several hours a week with the Assured Hospice. Gale is on the U.S. board of InterAct Ministries.

Retired Missionaries

Kathy Voran

Kathy met her late husband Richard in Topeka, Kansas, where Kathy was studying nursing and Richard was working in the same hospital. After Kathy’s graduation, they were married, then attended and graduated from Grace College of the Bible in Omaha, Nebraska. With a desire to go into mission work, they spent a summer in Alaska at Victory Bible Camp and Victory High School. They returned to Alaska in the fall of 1973 with their young son to the campus of Arctic Bible Institute (ABI) near Palmer. Richard served in maintenance and Kathy was the school nurse for the next fifteen years. After ABI closed, Richard was asked to assume the position of Alaskan business manager in 1991 while filling in for maintenance needs periodically. They have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grandsons. Richard went to be with the Lord in 2014.

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