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Instruments in God's Hands
Journey to Redemption
Where Hope Blooms
The Unexpected Call


One Missionary's Journey...Was it Worth it?
Saving Babies in Siberia
A Firm Foundation When the Earth Shakes
Answering God's Call – Fertilizing the Fields
Rock of Ages - Walking God's Way
God's Story Always Goes As Planned
Taking Back Holy Ground
A Light Unto Their Path
In Search of a Few Good People
A Grandmother's Prayer LEaDs to a Changed Life


Salvation Belongs to Our God
Varied Ways of Reaching Village Men for Christ
Why Be Missionaries in Alaska?
No Longer a Slave to Siberian Shame
Urban Fire Sparks a New Ministry in Calgary
Bible Camp Builds Leaders
A Twenty-Year Journey Back to Russia
Loving Hard-to-Love People (Just Like Me)
Witnessing the Waterfall of God's Work
Spared from Death and Made Alive in Christ


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