Tim & Larissa Zook

Tim: October 3
Larissa: October 17
Merrick: January 15
Elliot: January 13
Reuben: October 10
ANNIVERSARY: September 24

Tim and Larissa are both passionate about young people and have a special love for the Native youth of Alaska. They have served as volunteers through InterAct in the Fairbanks Native Bible Church as youth leaders for over fifteen years. Knowing God has called them to demonstrate to the youth what it means to live in this world and still be a light for Christ, they choose to work regular jobs to support their family. All financial support sent to their ministry goes directly to youth outreach reimbursement. Serving as a family is essential to them. They have three sons who serve with them on mission trips, youth outreach events and in their home as young people regularly come to visit.


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