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Our Mission Work in Russia (Siberia)

Vast does not even begin to describe Siberia. And while the vastness is noticeable, traveling through the various regions, talking with people from the different indigenous groups, the thing that jumps out is not the vastness - it’s the hopelessness. That’s not to say that some people are not living a comfortable life, many are. But without the knowledge of the Savior, they are trying to fill the darkness with animism or find hope in the rites of a shaman. Abuse, suicide and addiction are all too common symptoms of a lack of understanding and acceptance of the gospel.

Scattered among this vast expanse of Siberian Russia live over 40 Native peoples. From the nomadic reindeer herders of the North to the peoples who have urbanized into Russian cities, they all face similar struggles. Some have been influenced by Russian culture, but many speak their own language and have a distinct worldview.

InterAct serves alongside local churches to partner in reaching and discipling the least-reached peoples of Siberia in eastern Russia.

Opportunities for Ministry in Russia (Siberia)

Opportunities for Ministry in Russia (Siberia)

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