Bryan & Brandy Watts

Bryan: August 9th
Brandy: October 20th
Alyssa: June 3rd
Avery: March 4th
Hunter: September 8th
Alyanna: February 25th
Emily: November 28th
Gracie: March 3rd

Bryan and Brandy grew up in South Carolina, where they met in high school. They were married shortly after graduating in 2000. They have both worked in children’s and youth ministry for several years and have a passion for sharing the love of Jesus with this age group. They have six children. Bryan attended Alaska Bible College for two years, where he studied the Bible. Brandy graduated from Liberty University with an M.A. in Christian Ministry in 2016. They serve through InterAct as volunteers, leading the children’s ministries for the annual conference and connecting with Alaska Native believers in the area.


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