George & Harriett Walker

George: November 2
Harriett: September 19

George and Harriett spent 18 years overseas in cross-cultural church planting. Their ministry began in January 1978, and that year the Lord sent them to Papua New Guinea. They had the privilege to pioneer a work among the Bisorio people, an isolated tribe with little contact with the “outside” world. By God’s grace, there are now five churches and 8 Bisorio pastors. The entire New Testament and a large portion of the Old Testament Scriptures have been translated into the Bisorio language. The Walkers also served as consultants to other missionaries for culture and language acquisition. They continue to have a ministry with the Bisorio believers through periodic visits and continued work on Bible commentaries. In 2019, the Walkers joined InterAct Ministries, with George coming on board as a cross-cultural trainer and consultant.


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