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Fayez & Vivian Narooz

True Love Arabic Church - Calgary, AB

About the Naroozes

Fayez and Vivian grew up in Egypt (he in Elminia and she in Bany Swaif City), and they met in Cairo. Fayez and Vivian joined InterAct Canada as members in 2007. The Naroozes desire to serve the Lord in reaching out to the Muslim Arabic speakers in western Canada. Fayez pastors the True Love Arabic Church, a congregation for Muslim/Arabic converts to Christianity.

About the True Love Arabic Church

True Love Arabic Church (TLAC) is a community of Arab immigrants from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Sudan and other Arab countries. TLAC is an Arab Christian community that worships the triune God, believes in Jesus Christ as the Savior and the Bible as God’s Word.

TLAC’s goal is to proclaim and teach the Gospel (the “Good News”), God’s message of love and salvation, to all people without exception.

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