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“All the time in our community we were asked, ‘Are you a Christian?’ When we said yes, this would start a conversation. But because we had built relationships already and people had gotten to know us, and like us, it didn’t bother them. They would then ask us lots of questions about what we believed and what Christianity was like, and we were able to tell them.” – Brook – EnGage! Canada, 2014.



“One of the best summers I have ever had. It was a really incredible experience. If you are thinking about doing any kind of mission work, this is the way to get a taste of it.” – Jesse – EnGage! Canada, 2014

John & Jen

“We would highly recommend EnGage!. Everyone considering mission work in Alaska with InterAct Ministries should participate in the program. It provides a great, short-term opportunity to truly experience what real missionary life is like. It will challenge you in many ways, you will learn much, and it will help you determine where God may be leading you to serve.” – John & Jen – EnGage! Alaska, 2014


EnGage! challenged me to trust God in times where I could not ‘do things’ because of the language barrier. This allowed me to let others partake in the ‘doing’ part while I prayed, another very important part of ministry.” – Lisa – EnGage! Russia, 2017

David & Vicky

EnGage! is a unique chance to truly enter and live within a community, in a cross cultural context. You will have the opportunity to love others in a real, organic way, not supported by projects or programming. This creates challenges which will stretch you, and set the stage for real relationships where you can authentically share the love of Jesus.” – David & Vicky – EnGage! Canada, 2017