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InterACTION Newsletters

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These go out monthly and feature different stories from all three fields. Unless otherwise specified you will receive a mix of editions.

InterAct Store - InterACTIONs
Address Where Materials Should Be Shipped
Address Where Materials Should Be Shipped
If placing multiple orders through the store, you only need to fill out your address the first time. You can skip it for the remainder of the items you order.
We try to mix up the package with publications from all three of InterAct's fields of ministry (Russia, Alaska and Canada). If you're requesting a specific issue or ministry field, please fill let us know below.
Most orders can be accommodated in 1-2 weeks. If you need materials rushed, and it's NOT because of poor planning (i.e. a sudden opportunity has opened), then there is no charge for shipping. If rushed shipping is needed because of poor planning, then you may be asked to cover the shipping cost.