Win & Gracia Stiefel

Win: November 15
Gracia: June 8
Anniversary: June 18

Win and Gracia grew up in Minnesota and taught school in bush Alaska. After Win’s retirement, they volunteered with SEND, a mission organization in Glenallen, Alaska. They moved to Siberia as independent missionaries and served alongside InterAct missionaries. In 2002 they joined InterAct and moved to Sakha, where Win helped with administrative duties, and Gracia ministered to women and children. They returned to Alaska in 2006 to live in the Copper Center area, where Gracia researched culture and worldviews to prepare culturally relevant Bible study materials. They now live in Palmer, Alaska, at the Lazy Mountain Campus, serving on the campus in hospitality, mentoring, and helping as needed with LEaD. They still maintain friendships in Copper Center.


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