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Is God Calling You?

Have you been burdened with a call to go and make disciples? We are always praying for and seeking for more workers in the harvest, men and women who feel burdened by God for least-reached peoples of Russia, Alaska and Canada.


The need is great! Indigenous Siberian people groups remain unreached and trapped in a darkness that impacts every aspect of their lives. While we’d love to have enough team members to go into multiple areas and plant churches and disciple in unreached areas, we recognize our limitations as foreigners in these areas. Therefore our team’s focus is two-fold:

  • Make disciples among the least-reached peoples of Siberia
  • Pass on the passion for unreached people to the Russian churches of Krasnoyarsk.
  • Discipleship Ministry

    There is a huge need for workers to engage in discipleship - walking with people on the journey of becoming more like Christ, fostering a passion for the lost, growing a desire for the Word of God, and developing a hunger to see Christ’s name known throughout the unreached areas of Siberia.

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    Teaching English With Church-Planting/Discipleship Team

    Evangelical churches in Russia have long been the victims of harmful propaganda that are still ingrained in the minds of people today. One way churches have been able to successfully build relationships with people in their community is through English clubs. These English clubs offer avenues to build trust and invest in the lives of unbelievers.

    Download the full position profile (PDF)

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    Rural/Bush Village Missionary

    Alaska is often called the, “Last Frontier” due to the wildness and great distances between small villages. Alaska is vast. The spiritual needs are just as daunting. Dozens of villages are without believers or any regular fellowship. Many of the believers have limited understanding of the gospel and have not been adequately discipled.

    We are looking for those called of God to pastor and disciple Alaska Native people in remote locations. You will be faced with the challenges of learning another culture, understanding a different worldview, building relationships through involvement in the lives of the people, and seeking to communicate the gospel in an understandable way.

    There are villages on the road system and fly-in villages. Some of these communities have small church fellowships but need pastoral leadership. Others have no fellowship or any believers, requiring more of a “pioneering” missionary.

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    Urban Missionary

    While the population is sparse in remote villages, the percentage of Alaska’s population in urban locations continues to increase. Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, and Fairbanks are frequently referred to as the “large villages.” The ethnic diversity in our urban locations surpasses that of any other city in the U.S. The need is equally great.

    We are looking for missionaries to join a team working in Alaska’s urban centers. We need individuals who can come alongside small Alaska Native ministries to provide assistance and support. We also need individuals who can join an existing team and help as we develop new ministries to Native youth and young adults. We need those called of God to join with us as we creatively find ways to effectively disciple cross-culturally in urban locations.

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    Aaron Ministry and Youth Missionaries

    As our ministry in Alaska continues to grow we are looking for individuals called to serve the needs of the field. We need missionaries who can serve as Aaron supported Moses (Exodus 17), playing an integral role that is necessary to support God’s work.

    We are also building teams to focus on Native youth and young adult ministry.

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    English Teacher

    Learning how to speak English is an important but difficult part of life for new immigrants to western Canada. This position will involve helping to connect a local multi-cultural church with the Muslim community through assistance in language acquisition.

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    Cross-Cultural Church Planter

    The church planter's primary purpose is to establish or strengthen a culturally relevant local church in a given area among the First Nations people of Canada. This is accomplished through evangelism, discipleship and leadership development, all blanketed in prayer.

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    Cross-Cultural Biblical Counselor

    The cross-cultural biblical counselor's primary role is to assist InterAct's First Nations church planters in Canada in the area of biblical counseling and training individuals in counseling skills.

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