Morgan & Krista Serger

Morgan: January 12
Krista: June 18
Obadiah: December 8
Enoch: May 20
Amos: November 1
Hannah: May 5
Isaiah: October 23

Morgan and Krista grew up in the same church and served in music and children’s ministries. They took an interest in each other when Morgan attended the University of Manitoba to be a teacher, and Krista was in grade twelve in high school. They were married in 2005. After completing his bachelor of education in 2007, Morgan and Krista moved to Thompson, Manitoba, where they volunteered at Midway Bible Camp, and Morgan taught grade three in the public school. Two years later, in 2009, they joined Midway Christian Leadership (formerly known as Continental Mission) as full-time missionaries, working as the camp director and then as general director of the mission until the organization merged with InterAct in 2016. They live in York Landing, Manitoba, a Cree community with their five children. Morgan is the principal of a school on the reserve, works with the local church, and is involved with the ministry of Midway Bible Camp during the summer.

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