Ron & Jean Paull

Ron: July 18
Jean: June 18

Jean and Ron met in 1967, married and have four children and 13 grandchildren. Both hail from New England but moved West and lived 30 years in Montana. They entered full-time ministry in 1993 after Ron graduated from Denver Seminary. In 2006 they answered the call to pastor a small church in a remote village on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Since that time, Alaska has become their preferred earthly home. After nine years on the island, they served a stint with a support ministry. In 2020, they joined InterAct, sensing a call back to rural pastoral ministry at Copper Center Community Chapel in the Alaska Native community of Kluti-Kaah in Copper Center, Alaska. Now in their 70s, they have no plans to retire and hope to finish their life of ministry among the Ahtna people of the Copper Center area.


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