Retired Missionaries

Bob & Carol Moffat

Bob: September 17
Carol: March 11
ANNIVERSARY: December 20

Bob and Carol met in high school and were married in 1952. They have six grown children. Bob served in the army in Alaska, after which he enrolled and graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible. They arrived in Alaska in 1959 to work with Arctic Missions (now InterAct Ministries) and served in three Native villages. Bob was appointed assistant Alaska director in 1971 and Canada director in 1981. They served in this capacity until February 1994.

Bob and Carol have a ministry in member care, which entails giving counsel and pastoral care to missionaries. They also attend and speak at conferences, retreats and help national pastors and leaders. The Moffats have contributed to U.S. office prayer meetings, InterAct historical work, training, and article writing. Their over sixty years with the mission have uniquely qualified them for these tasks


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