Greg & Laura Hamilton

Greg: March 21st
Laura: March 19th
Emma: January 5th
James: June 24th
Geoffery: May 17th
ANNIVERSARY: May 1st, 1993

Greg and his wife Laura have over 20 years of ministry experience. They first served with NAIM Ministries at Gladstone Mountain Gathering Grounds in southern Alberta for 10 years. Later they joined InterAct Ministries and for the past 10 years, Greg has been the assistant field director for Canada. In February 2021, Greg stepped into the role of field director for Canada, now having the primary leadership responsibilities for the field. They are involved with almost every aspect of the field from the EnGage! internship program, the onboarding and supervision of staff, to field strategy and administrative tasks. Greg and Laura long to see the development of Christ-followers in all of the communities that we serve. They desire that there would be a host of new missionaries to join the field and see the gospel proclaimed among First Nations and new immigrants in western Canada

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