Jonathan & Amy DeVries

Jonathan: September 17
Amy: September 23
Benaiah: November 27
Charese: September 1

Jonathan and Amy DeVries’ mission is to glorify God by reaching the least-reached people groups of Alaska through aviation, hospitality and missionary support. They met at Kingdom Air Corp in Alaska in the summer of 2015. Amy was volunteering for the summer, and Jonathan came to teach flying for a few weeks. The two hit it off as both of their visions for ministry lined up. Ten months later, they were married. The next several years were spent in Anchorage, building experience in aviation and logistics while paying off the last of their school debt.

Jonathan and Amy now serve with InterAct as member support, with Jonathan heading up InterAct’s aviation program while living in Anchorage. The DeVries family uses their home as a pitstop where people can rest, regroup and gather supplies around town. They also serve as leaders of SonRise Community Church (a multicultural church in Anchorage). Above all, Jonathan and Amy seek to equip and encourage the missionaries of InterAct.


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