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Abbey – Rhaylene – Retired

November 11th

Rhaylene majored in Math Education at the King's College in New York State. Upon receiving her degree, she taught in upstate New York for one year, then pursued her original calling and attended Missionary Internship. For sixteen years she served with Slavic Gospel Association in Alaska. Then she transferred to InterAct Ministries, working at the Arctic Bible Institute and Correspondence School for the next five years before returning to Kodiak, Alaska. Rhaylene retired in 2017, but still assists with outreach through visitation, Bible studies, and fellowship. She is involved with the local senior center in Kodiak where she spends time getting acquainted with other seniors and ministering to them. She also assists in teaching Sunday School classes at her church.

Arnold – Russ and Freda – Retired

Russ: July 26th
Freda: January 5th
June 10, 1951

Russ was a junior in high school when he felt the call of the Lord to serve Him in Alaska. He and Freda were married in 1951, after which he finished Bible school and also a missionary medical course in Canada. In 1956 they traveled with their three children to Alaska to the small village of Kokrines where they ministered among the Athabaskan people. The following year, they moved to the village of Ruby and they ministered for there for ten years. They then moved to the village of Nenana and they remained there for six years. Russ taught and directed the Arctic Bible Institute in Palmer and saw a number of graduates go on to serve their Lord in their respective villages. After ten years at the school, he moved into administrative duties in Alaska and then in Calgary. They Arnolds often enjoy phone calls and visits from the people from the villages as well as former students. They have no regrets serving the Lord for fifty-two years in Alaska, and their hearts are still with the people and fellow missionaries with which they served.

Beutler – Josh and Joylynn – Canada

Josh: June 27th
Joylynn: July 16th
Asher: October 16th
Elliot: June 3rd

Joylynn grew up in rural Manitoba where she was constantly in contact with First Nation communities. Josh grew up in rural Alberta and had a similar experience. They both attended Millar College of the Bible in 2008 where they met and felt God confirm first the desire to work with First Nations people and second to do it together. They married in 2012 and moved to Southern Alberta where they worked with InterAct on a volunteer basis. During this time they saw they potential to get further involved and decided to pursue ministry full time. They currently live in Lethbridge, AB with their two boys, Asher and Elliot, and serve among the Blackfoot people of the Kainai (Blood) Reserve. They are always seeking to learn more about the culture and the language in order to develop culturally relevant disciples of Christ.

Browning – Dick and Ruth – Canada

Dick: August 15th
Ruth: October 10th
July 23rd, 1971

Before they ever met both Dick and Ruth planned to be missionaries. Dick studied at Practical Bible Training School in Binghamton, New York and then went on to graduate from Washington Bible College in Lanham, Maryland. Ruth graduated from Nyack College, New York, then worked as a Christian Education director at a church in Massachusetts where she and Dick met. They were married in 1971, and a year later began ministry with Interact Ministries (then Arctic Missions) in British Columbia. They served fifteen years among the Shuswap First Nations people at Canim Lake, Dog Creek, and Clinton. The Brownings now serve as facilitators among the Cree people in the Native Fellowship of Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, located on the Makwa Sahgaiehgan First Nation reserve. They encourage and help the leadership as well as have a discipleship ministry. They also teach a relapse prevention program for people with addictions.

Brumbelow – Gary and Valerie – Oregon

Gary: July 10th
Valerie: August 15th
June 8th, 1973

Gary and Valerie grew up in Texas and Nebraska respectively. Valerie graduated from Moody Bible Institute and Gary from Grace University. Gary also completed a master’s degree from Wheaton College. They have two married sons and twelve grandchildren. After serving thirty-one years with InterAct on the Canada field and at the home office, the Brumbelows are now seconded to Disciple Nations Alliance where Gary serves as editorial manager. He manages a blog – Darrow Miller and Friends – and works with writers and authors on books and other writing projects.

Chinn – Andy and Jesi – Canada

Andy: July 4th
Jesi: December 11th
December 14th, 2011

Andy and Jesi serve as indigenous church planters in Anahim Lake, BC. Their mission is to disciple Aboriginal peoples to form faith communities that serve as catalysts for healing and reconciliation. Andy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral ministries from Multnomah University and an MBA from Northwest University. He served as an Associate Pastor of Youth Ministry in Bremerton, Washington for seven years. Jesi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. She worked at a mental health clinic in Bremerton for three years. Both got connected to the First Nation community in Anahim Lake through many short-term trips.

Cook – Charlie and Judy – Retired

Charlie: December 8th
Judie: September 4th
March 21, 1959

Charlie and Judy met in Orlando, Florida, where both their families lived. After about six years of marriage (and 2 daughters), Judy met Jesus and Charlie rededicated his life. They became active in their local church, where Charlie had the opportunity to attend Luther Rice Seminary. After pastoring a Mexican migrant church for three years, the family made the decision to join Interact Ministries in 1973. Charlie and Judy served as church planters in British Columbia: eleven years in Anahim Lake, eight years in Chetwynd, and then in Dawson Creek. In the fall of 1999 they moved to southern British Columbia. They have two adult daughters. Though retired, Charlie and Judy continue to connect with the people they served among in Canada.

Crosby – Jerry and Beth – Oregon

Jerry: March 29th
Beth: November 25th
June 28th, 1980

Jerry grew up in upstate New York and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute (BA and Ma.Min.) and George Williams College (M.S.). Beth was raised in northern Illinois and graduated from Southeastern Bible College (B.S.). They joined InterAct in 1982 and served on the staff of Victory Bible Camp until coming to the U.S. office in 1989. They have two married sons and a married daughter. Jerry is InterAct’s U.S. director of human resources and U.S. office administrator.

Cross – Dave and Sally – Canada

Dave: April 2nd
Sally: February 24th
June 8th, 1991

Dave and Sally grew up in very different environments: Dave, in a Christian home in western Canada and Sally, in a Muslim home in Guyana in South America. Nevertheless, as only God can do, the Lord used their common interest in missions to bring them together in Papua New Guinea in 1990. It was there that they served with New Tribes Mission until 2007. Subsequently, they joined GoodSeed and worked in the Canadian office for the next ten years. Since 2018, their role with InterAct involves in part Dave developing a resource that will help bridge the gap between the Biblical worldview and the traditional worldview of First Nations. They live in Olds, Alberta.

Curtis – Carrie – Alaska

November 30

Carrie grew up in the heart of Wyoming and got saved at the young age of 5. Ever since then she has wanted others to know the joy of having Christ as their Savior like she has, and after reading many missionary biographies she wanted to become a missionary.

After attending Alaska Bible College, Carrie believed God wanted her to step out by faith and go into missionary aviation training with Kingdom Air Corps. She therefore moved to Alaska in 2015. Still knowing that being a pilot was not all God wanted her to do, Carrie wanted to use everything that God had given her now for His glory.

After much prayer and searching she found that it was InterAct to which God was leading her. Carrie seeks to serve in recruitment for EnGage! and to be involved with encouragement and support to InterAct’s staff and like-minded ministries in Alaska. Philippians 1:20-21

Carrie is based at the Lazy Mountain Campus in Palmer, Alaska with her ministry dog, Max.

Curtis – Toby and Cherie – Alaska

Toby: July 19
Cherie: August 25

Toby and Cherie Curtis met at Alaska Bible College in 1989. Toby was from Wisconsin and Cherie was an Alaskan from North of Fairbanks. They married in the Summer of 1990. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters who are now adults. After starting and operating two small businesses, God called them to the mission field of Zambia, Africa in 2014. They sold their business, raised support and spent 3 years serving at an orphanage in the Copper Belt region of Northern Zambia. Toby and Cherie worked with farming, small business training, project development, teen mentoring, and helping with a bush church plant near the Congo border. In 2020, God brought them off the African field and back to Alaska where they were called to join Interact Ministries at Lazy Mountain in Palmer as ministry coordinators.

Dabrowski – Mark and Emma – Canada

Mark: February 14th
Emma: August 12th
Joseph: July 16th
Samuel: January 16th
Michael: December 5th
July 30th, 1999

Mark was born in Poland and Emma in Australia. They met while living in Calgary Alberta. Mark attended Millar College of the Bible in Saskatchewan. They felt called to missions and spent two years in New Tribes Mission Training in Ontario. The Lord then led them to spend five years serving in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes. During their time there health issues led them to return to Canada and God guided them towards Interact Ministries. They are currently serving at the Native Bible Centre with Ed and Glenna Houston.

Dalton – Aaron and Tisha – Alaska

Aaron: July 11
Tisha: June 22

Aaron and Tisha Dalton are seeking to bring the Hope of Christ among Alaska Native people by making reproducing disciples and strengthening the local Church. Aaron grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and graduated from LeTourneau University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Missionary Aviation. Tisha was born and raised in Palmer, AK. She has worked in Galena and Port Alsworth with Alaska Native people. Aaron and Tisha met at Kingdom Air Corps where Aaron was volunteering as a pilot mechanic and Tisha was working on flight training. After working with Tanalian Bible Camp for the last three years, they are currently in transition to move to Grayling, Alaska serving as village missionaries with InterAct.

DeVries – Jonathan and Amy – Alaska

Jonathan: September 17
Amy: September 23
Benaiah: November 27
Charese: September 1

Jonathan and Amy DeVries’ mission is to glorify God by reaching least reached people groups of Alaska through aviation, hospitality, and missionary support. They met at Kingdom Air Corp in Alaska in the summer of 2015. Amy was volunteering for the summer and Jonathan came to flight instruct for a few weeks. The two hit it off as both of their visions for ministry lined right up. Ten months later they were married. The next several years were spent in Anchorage building experience in aviation and logistics while paying off the last of school debt. They now have two kids, Benaiah and Charese.

Jonathan and Amy seek to be the member support for InterAct. Jonathan will be heading up InterAct’s aviation program while living in Anchorage. They will use their home as a pitstop where people can rest and regroup and will help gather supplies around town. They will continue serving as leaders of SonRise Community Church. Above all, Jonathan and Amy seek to equip and encourage the missionaries of InterAct.

Emrick – Frankie and Irina- Russia

Frankie: May 30
Irina: February 27
ANNIVERSARY: September 21

Frankie was raised on the mission field in Alaska and Yakutia, Russia. He graduated from Trinity Western University in Langley, BC in 2012 and moved to Krasnoyarsk, Russia in 2018, at which time he met Irina. Irina is a Buriat believer, 2010 Kazan’ Conservatory graduate and professional musician and hairdresser. Since their wedding in 2019, the Emricks’ vision for ministry has been to facilitate the growth of the global Church through supporting local leadership, providing hospitality and producing ethnic worship among the least-reached indigenous communities of Siberia, starting in Ulan-Ude.

Erastus – Akmal and Sarah – Canada

Akmal and Sarah grew up in Pakistan. They served with Operation Mobilization in their home country for over ten years. During that time their main ministry was reaching the unreached with the gospel. In 2011 Akmal and Sarah moved to Canada along with their three children. They joined InterAct Ministries in 2013 and are serving among new immigrants in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Giesbrecht – John and Anne – Canada

John: July 5th
Anne: December 18th
July 31st, 1965

John and Anne both grew up in Mennonite homes in Saskatchewan. They were married in 1965 and moved to Fort St. John in 1968 as farmers. They rededicated their lives to the Lord in 1974, and in 1978 sold the farm and went with Shantymen’s Mission. John was mission pilot for them for twelve years. They joined InterAct Ministries in 1990. They have a ministry in Fort St. John with the Native community visiting people in their homes and helping with Bible studies. They often fly to Fort Ware where they also have a similar ministry of evangelism and discipleship in the Native community.

Gillaspie – Don and Kim – Canada

Don: December 17th
Kim: August 30th
September 11th, 1976

Don and Kim have been involved in youth ministry for over thirty years. Don has served as youth pastor, ranch director for a Christian camp, and has led teams of students on short-term mission trips to Europe and Africa. They joined InterAct in 2005 and moved to Canada in 2007 to serve among the Chilcotin First Nations people at Redstone Reserve in British Columbia.

Gonzales – Barbi – Canada

July 15th

Barbi and her late husband Ernie met in Chicago, Illinois while she was training to be a nurse. Ernie was a missionary with God’s Invasion Army. They were accepted as missionaries with Rural Bible Crusade before their wedding in 1957. They moved to Canada in 1969 to do church planting and were accepted as InterAct missionaries in 1984. They have four grown children. Since Ernie’s home-going in November 2011, Barbi has been involved in member care for the Canada field, focusing on prayer needs for the Canada staff and their ministries.

Hagedorn – Doris – Retired

January 12th

Doris was raised in Washington and graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible in 1959. She has served with InterAct since 1960 in village ministries in South Naknek, Tanana, Kokhanok, Pedro Bay and Nondalton. Doris moved to Wasilla in 1988 to continue urban and village outreach ministry. Though retired she remains active in a number of ministry spheres from her home in Alaska.

Hamilton – Greg and Laura – Canada

Greg: March 21st
Laura: March 19th
Emma: January 5th
James: June 24th
Geoffery: May 17th
May 1st, 1993

Greg grew up in Delta, BC and Laura in western Montana. They met at Briercrest Bible College in Saskatchewan. Greg went on to complete his MBA. From 2000 to 2010 they served with North American Indigenous Ministries (NAIM) at Gladstone Mt. Gathering Grounds in southern Alberta, then transitioned to InterAct. Greg has joined the Canada Field office in order to help with the administrative load carried by field director, Dan Mayerle. He serves on the Canada Leadership Team and assists in the day-to-day operations of the field.

Hamilton – Jim and Becky – Canada

Jim: June 24th
Becky: April 14th
August 14th, 1965

Jim and Becky met at Taylor University in Indiana. Soon after graduation, they entered into missions with North American Indigenous Ministries (NAIM) in British Columbia in various roles such as camping ministry, church planting, personnel and recruitment, along with the summer missions program. In 2000 they moved to Alberta to work at Gladstone Mountain Gathering Grounds. During that time they worked side-by-side with InterAct staff. When Gladstone closed down they were able to make a transition to join InterAct. The Hamiltons now serve in recruitment and direct the EnGage! summer ministry program in Canada.

Harms – Travis – Canada

Travis Harms hails from the breadbasket of southern Manitoba. It was there that Travis attended Steinbach Bible College and felt God’s leading to work with First Nations people. After some time in the construction industry, Travis moved to Thompson, Manitoba to work with Interact Ministries. Travis provides leadership to Mid-Way Builders, a construction ministry to young men.

Henry – Dave and Kay – Retired

Dave: January 26th
Kay: October 12th
June 8th, 1956

Dave and Kay began their ministry in Alaska by translating portions of the New Testament under Wycliffe with the Koyukon Indians. In 1986 they joined InterAct (then Arctic Missions) working as church planters with this people group. They worked with the Koyukon churches in remote areas of Alaska along the Yukon and Koyukuk Rivers as well as with the urban Native church in Fairbanks. In 1993 they joined the Russia team and moved to Siberia. After serving many years in Russia they returned to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2010 where Dave serves on the Elder board of the Native Bible Church. They also continue to be connected with the ministry in Siberia.

Hill – Dave – Retired

July 11th

David grew up in Apalachin, New York. He attended Carson-Newman College in Tennessee and received his B.S. in Physical Education, Health and Recreation. He received his Bible education while attending Practical Bible Training School in Johnson City, New York, 1979-81. He served as assistant pastor at Glendale Baptist Church from 1980-81 in Endicott, New York. Dave and his late wife Sally began serving with InterAct (then Arctic Missions) as church planters in 1986. Sally went to be with the Lord in March of 2017,

Horsman – Steve and Jill – Alaska

Steve: May 29th
Jill: October 11th
October 9th, 1976

Steve and Jill both came into a personal relationship with God while in high school. They met in 1975 and were married in 1976 in Rockford, Illinois. Steve’s educational focus has been in counseling, general ministry, and missions. Jill’s focus had been education and leadership. She graduated with a MA of leadership from Trinity Western University in 2008. They began ministry when they joined the staff at Timber-Lee Christian Center in Wisconsin and began a ministry focus on relational discipleship and program development. While in Wisconsin they planted the Southern Lakes Evangelical Free Church, along with a team of other individuals. In 1989 they joined InterAct and ministered in Alaska for two years, and then transitioned to Canada where they were blessed to live among the Chilcotin nation for twenty-one years. The Horsmans transitioned to Alaska in 2013 to be a part of reaching the unreached through strategic partnerships and collaboration. Their focus is on equipping, facilitating, and networking. They currently coordinate the LEaD Alaska discipleship program and EnGage! Alaska. Visit the Horsmans’ website.

Houston – Glenna – Canada

Glenna: July 28th

Ed and Glenna met in southern Oregon when Ed returned from service with the U.S. Army in Vietnam. They were married in 1968. In 1970, when their oldest daughter Carmen was just 6 weeks old, they moved to Montana where Glenna attended and Ed graduated from Montana Institute of the Bible in 1973. In 1977 they began a church-planting ministry among the Chilcotin Indians of British Columbia. After four years, they moved to Williams Lake where they, along with other missionaries, were involved in the establishment of the Williams Lake Native Bible Church. They relocated to Alberta in 1986 to minister as InterAct’s (then Arctic Missions) Canadian mobilizers. In 2001 the Houstons joined co-workers in Kamloops, BC in their church plant among Shuswap First Nations people. In 2003 Ed and Glenna took the reins of Native Bible Centre (NBC), a distance-learning Bible school in Kamloops. They have three children and seven grandchildren. They now live in Wardner, BC and are continuing with NBC. The NBC materials called "TRIBE," (Training Resources for Indigenous Bible Education), have an impact on individuals in Canada, the US, Africa, and Greenland.

Hubbard – Mike – Oregon

January 20th

Mike grew up in Corbett, Oregon. He was led to the Lord by his sister on Thanksgiving Day his senior year in high school. After high school he went Portland State University (B.S. Mathematics and General Science) where he was involved with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Mike went on a summer missions trip and felt a very strong call to serve Christ in the Muslim world.

He and his wife Barbie spent 12 years in Turkey doing evangelism and church planting. They have 3 grown daughters and 2 grandchildren.

After returning from Turkey Mike went back to school and got his post baccalaureate certificate in accounting.

Mike is the Finance Director in the U.S. office.

Hughes – Jennetta – Retired

August 27th

Jennetta grew up in Palmer, Alaska. She married her childhood friend Ken, and after four years of marriage, they moved to Three Hills, Alberta, where Ken attended Prairie Bible Institute. After graduation, he received his airplane and mechanical and flying licenses from Clover Park Technical in Tacoma, Washington. They returned to Alaska in 1966 and served in the village of Grayling for four years. They then moved to Big Lake where Ken has worked as mission carpenter, Bible teacher, pilot, and mechanic. They have six grown children. In 2016 Ken passed away.

Kasten – Dottie – Canada

January 25th

Dottie met her husband Ellis while attending Grace College of the Bible in Omaha, Nebraska. They were married in 1964 and two weeks later attended Missionary Internship in Michigan. After serving two years in Ellis’ home church, they went to Alaska in 1967 where they were involved in church planting in Ruby for two years and Tanana for two years. They then served in Cantwell for seven years, after which they took an educational furlough and immigrated to Canada. They served two years in Slave Lake, Alberta, and then directed the mission’s correspondence ministry for six years. They were then church planters in Grande Prairie, Alberta where their ministry was to teach and equip this group so they could have a strong local church.They have four married children and eleven grandchildren. Ellis went to be with the Lord in October of 2013. Dottie continues to minister and has input into several women’s lives.

Kees – Dan and Barb – Retired

Dan: September 9th
Barb: December 31st
June 4th, 1965

Dan and Barb are currently serving in the Lethbridge, Alberta area among the Blackfoot nation and other First Nations tribes as church planters. Their passion for the remaining years of ministry is to disciple, encourage, and train the young Native leaders to serve God with their whole hearts, especially in their family relationships. Dan and Barb have three married children and ten grandchildren. Mike and Laurie, Charlie Kathy, and Amy and Dave, are all serving the Lord with their families and involved in their local churches.

Kenyon – Dale and Debbie – Canada

Dale: November 27th
Debbie: November 9th
April 12th, 1969

Dale and Debbie were, and still are, childhood sweethearts. After being married four years (plus two children), they gave their lives to Christ. Two years after that they felt God leading them into full-time service, so they packed up and headed for Alaska. After one year there, they moved back to Michigan so Dale could attend Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music in their Missionary Aviation program. In 1981 they moved to Bonnyville, Alberta to begin a four-year church-planting ministry with North American Indians. The next five years saw them in Calgary working with an emerging Native church. In 1990 they were engaged in East Indian ministry in Calgary and in 1997 they moved to India to work alongside an indigenous missionary organization. From 2000-2003 Dale served as InterAct’s mobilization director. They have two married children and four granddaughters. The Kenyons were on loan to SIM, assigned to serve in Bolivia, South America until their return to Canada in 2019.

Kirsch – Betty – Retired

July 22nd

Bettey grew up in Australia and came to know the Lord in Scotland. She graduated from Prairie Bible Institute in 1961. In 1963 she joined Slavic Gospel Association and then transferred to InterAct (then Arctic Missions) in 1984, serving among the Aleut people on the Alaska Peninsula. Betty moved to British Columbia in 1991 to minister among the Sikhs, where she loved tutoring the children and getting involved with extended families. She retired in 2007 and moved back to her home in Australia.

Mayerle – Dan and Bev – Canada

Dan: February 4th
Bev: February 12th
December 23rd, 1985

Dan and Bev Mayerle serve alongside other missionary couples and singles as they disciple and gather among First Nation, Sikhs, and Muslim people across western Canada. Dan serves as the Canada field director, with his responsibilities including coaching, resourcing, and overseeing administration for existing ministries and missionaries. He is also responsible for visioning, implementing, and overseeing recruitment for needed ministries that God opens up. After twenty-one years of church planting among Native people in Calgary, Dan and Bev have many ongoing relationships in the First Nation communities of southern Alberta that are an integral part of their everyday lives. God has given them a particular passion to encourage and equip the next generation to follow the Lord’s call of carrying the ministry baton and doing His Kingdom work.

McClelland – Bryan – Oregon

November 20th

Bryan graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in graphic design and printing. He worked in the advertising department at Gospel Light Publications for 7 years and 5 years in the public affairs office at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. He and his wife, Chris, moved to Oregon and began Cornerstone Graphics in 1981. They have 2 grown sons and 4 grandchildren. Bryan joined InterAct part time in 2018 to work on the various publications. He serves as a deacon in his local church.

Moffat – Bob and Carol – Retired

Bob: September 17th
Carol: March 11th
December 20th, 1952

Bob and Carol met in high school and were married in 1952. Bob served in the army in Alaska, after which he enrolled in and graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible. They arrived in Alaska in 1959 and served in three Native villages. Bob was appointed assistant Alaska director in 1971 and Canada director in 1981. They served in this capacity until February 1994. They have six grown children. Bob and Carol have a ministry in member care. This entails giving counsel and pastoral care to missionaries. They also minister to first-termers, attend and speak at conferences and retreats, and help national pastors and leaders. Recently they have spent a considerable amount of time volunteering at the U.S. office digitizing and cataloging thousands of photos and slides from the mission's history, as well as sorting through prayer letters and mission updates that span over sixty years. Their many years with the mission have uniquely qualified them for this task.

Mole – Ted and Kate – Alaska

Ted: November 3rd
Kate: September 12th
June 11th, 1988

After graduation from university, Ted and Kate were married in a mission-minded church in Wilmington, Delaware in 1988. In 1992 Ted began teaching at Donetsk Christian University (DCU) in Ukraine. In 1994, he graduated from Denver Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in missions. From 1996 to 2000 the Moles served full-time with CB International in Ukraine, teaching at DCU and doing evangelism in their neighborhood. They joined the Russian team in Yakutia in August 2001. After serving in the Sakha village of Namtsy for five years, they returned to the States to care for Ted’s mother. During that time Ted completed an M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College and then relocated to Alaska. The Moles have three adult sons, Matthew, Andrew, and Nathanael. They live in Soldatna, Alaska, where Ted works at New Hope Counseling Center as a Licensed Professional Counselor and as an adjunct professor at Alaska Christian College primarily serving Native Alaskan people and community clients.

Morgan – Shirley – Retired

April 27th

Shirley is involved in friendship evangelism, discipleship, counseling, home and hospital visitation, follow-up on referrals from village missionaries, and assisting and encouraging leadership in various areas of ministry with Alaska Natives.

Olney – Thomas and Nicole – Canada

Thomas and Nicole met at Prairie Bible Institute while studying in the aviation program. They were married in 2011 and have two kids, Abigail and Lily. Following a trip to Midway Bible Camp near Thompson, Manitoba in the summer of 2016, they applied with InterAct Ministries. That plan to join the team currently in Thompson. Thomas and Nicole are both excited about the discipleship opportunities that exist as well as hopefully using their aviation skills to further the gospel.

Orner – Lucas and Jamie – Russia

Lucas: April 21st
Jamie: October 1st
Sam: August 28th
Sophia: May 7th
Daniel: May 10th
Peter: August 4th
December 20th, 2002

Lucas and Jamie met as undergrad students at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Six months after their wedding (summer 2003) they did their internship in Siberia with InterAct, where God opened their eyes to the needs among the forty plus unreached Siberian people groups. Their three children are an integral part of their ministry as their family stands out in a country of absent fathers, where the average woman aborts more babies than she delivers. Their children love life in Russia, especially getting to ride the train and playing on ice slides in the winter. The Orners ministry can be summarize by saying they support church planting in Siberia, and that comes in many forms. They are involved in discipling, hospitality ministries, teaching, English clubs, evangelism, etc. Arriving in Siberia in October 2008, they spent a year and a half studying the Russian language. They currently live in Krasnoyarsk, a city of a million on the Trans-Siberian railroad.

Page – Diane – Oregon

October 4th

Diane grew up in New York and Oregon. She and her husband DeWayne have two children and four grandchildren, so far =). She joined the InterAct Oregon office staff in 2005 to serve Christ in various ways working in the bookkeeping department. In 2010 she began focusing specifically on donor services, handling the receiving, processing, and receipting of all gifts. One of her favorite verses is Colossians 3:23-24, “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.”

You can support the work Diane is doing by giving to InterAct's General Fund, which helps cover office operations.

Paull – Ron and Jean – Alaska

Ron: July 18
Jean: June 18

Jean and Ron met over 54 years ago, married and now have 4 children and 12 – almost 13 grandchildren. They both hail from New England but moved West and lived 30 years in Montana. They entered full time ministry in 1993 after Ron graduated from Denver Seminary.

In 2006 they answered the call to pastor a small church in a remote village on Kodiak Island. Since that time Alaska has become their preferred earthly home. After 9 years on the Island they served a stint with a support ministry. Sensing a pull back to rural pastoral ministry they accepted a call to pastor in the Native Community of Kluti-Kaah and Copper Center Alaska where they currently reside. At 70-something they have no plans to retire and hope to finish their life of ministry among the Ahtna people of the Copper Center area.

Peterson – Chad and Andrea – Alaska

Chad: January 3
Andrea: January 7
Matthew: June 13
Zoey: October 24
David: May 14

Chad and Andrea are seeking to make disciples through intimate relationships with the Natives of Copper Center, AK. Both Chad and Andrea got saved at a young age and developed a heart for missions in their early 20s, before they even knew each other. Andrea had been praying for God to show her where He wanted her to serve and Chad had lived in a small village north of the Arctic Circle for a few months where he developed a heart for the Native people of Alaska. After meeting in February 2013, they fell in love with each other’s hearts for serving God and by November of that year, they were married. Since then, they have had 3 beautiful children and have been working towards their dream and goal of reaching the people of Alaska since 2016. They plan to leave for the field by August 2021!

Plett – Kyla – Canada

Kyla grew up in a small town in southern Manitoba. From a young age, she felt the call to be a missionary and went to Steinbach Bible College after high school to prepare for that calling. She currently lives and works out of Thompson, Manitoba and is mainly involved with leading and discipling youth. She loves building relationships with people and seeing them growing into a deeper relationship with God.

Richardson – Dennis and Celesta – Alaska

Dennis: July 16th
Celesta: May 25th
November 26th, 1988

Dennis and Celesta are currently in Anchorage where Dennis serves as the missionary-pastor of Sonrise Community Church (SCC). SCC is a unique reflection of the urban area with ministries focused on addressing the needs of the local community. In addition to two Sunday morning worship services, which include children’s church, coffee drinks, and a hot meal, there is also a Tuesday evening Kids for Christ Club for K-6th graders and a mid-week adult Bible study. Each month a bi-weekly Food Shelf ministry provides basic food staples for approximately 120 families who are having a difficult time making ends meet. Dennis is also a NANC certified counselor and provides Biblical counseling for individuals and families within the church as well as the Anchorage community.

Richardson – George and Judy – Retired

George: December 28th
Judy: April 30th
November 25th, 1967

George first joined InterAct (then Arctic Missions) in 1966. He and Judy have served together with the missions since 1968. During their ministry, they spent over thirty-two years church planting in the Interior of Alaska, first in the villages of Cantwell and Ruby and then in Fairbanks. George served as Field Director of the Alaska Field for three years. In 2001 they were asked by the mission to move into the role of providing member care, helping provide spiritual and emotional support for the field missionaries. They continue to be involved in this ministry as well as continue ministering among their many contacts with the Native People of Alaska. They have four grown sons, all married with their families serving the Lord.

Ross – Alan and Linda – Alaska

Alan: September 26th
Linda: December 12th
December 27th, 1970

Alan and Linda met in 1965 while both were attending Vancouver Bible Institute/College. They married in 1970. Alan is from Gabriola island off the British Columbia coast and Linda from Kenai, Alaska. After completing the Missionary Development Program with InterAct, they were accepted as career missionaries in 1971, arriving in Alaska in 1973. They served on the Canadian field 10 years before moving to Kodiak in 1987 to begin a ministry among the Alutiiq people and others, called “Kodiak Native New Life Fellowship.” In June 2013 they moved to Kenai Alaska on the mainland to continue working with Alaska Freedom Journey and doing Hearts Going Towards Wellness conferences which address personal struggles in a person’s life from a Biblical perspective. They have three adult children - Jonathon who is married to Leanndra Bergeron, Rebekah who is married to Eric Tourbin, and Richard who is married to Jennifer Ortman.

Sayer – Byron and Danielle – Canada

Byron: April 29th
Danielle: February 26th
Teagan: January 28th
Kadence: May 4th
Hayden: May 31st
Daman: March 19th
August 24th, 2002

Byron and Danielle both grew up in rural Alberta and met while counseling at a camp in Northern Saskatchewan. They currently live in Kamloops, BC with their four children - Teagan, Kadence, Hayden, and Daman. The Sayers use their background in recreation and their heart for Native youth and children to minister to them and point them to Christ.

Schulz – Stefan and Kaitlyn – Canada

July 20th

Stefan and his wife, Kaitlyn, live in Calgary where they serve the Indigenous community. Stefan grew up in Germany where his love for the Lord was nurtured. While attending Tauernhof, a Torchbearers’ school in Austria, he was prompted to work with the Indigenous people of Canada. He studied Outdoor Leadership at Prairie College. Stefan is now part of a team in Calgary who work with Indigenous young adults pursuing employment or education. Through affordable housing and work opportunities, the team walks alongside young adults in a community setting, where the impact of faith on everyday life can be explored.

Sebald – David and Vicky – Canada

David and Vicky both grew up in Asia, and met at school in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They have three children - Ellery (2015), Micaiah (2017), and Alena (2019). They spent two summers in Eden Valley, AB with InterAct’s EnGage! internship in 2012 and 2017. David & Vicky now work as part of the Urban Fire Communities team, launching discipleship homes and workplaces in Calgary and volunteering with youth groups on surrounding reserves.

Serger – Morgan and Krista – Canada

Morgan and Krista grew up together in the same church and served together in music and children’s ministries. They took interest in each other when Morgan was attending the University of Manitoba to be a teacher and Krista was in grade twelve in high school. They were married in 2005 (one year after Krista had graduated high school). After completing his bachelor of education in 2007, Morgan and Krista moved to Thompson, Manitoba where they volunteered at Midway Bible Camp and Morgan taught grade three in the public school. Two years later in 2009 they joined Mid-Way Christian Leadership (formerly known as Continental Mission) as full-time missionaries, working as the camp director and then as general director of the mission until the organization merged with InterAct in 2016. They are currently living in York Landing, Manitoba, a Cree community with their five children - Obadiah, Enoch, Amos, Hannah and Isaiah. Morgan is the principle of a school on the reserve, works with the local Church, and is involved with the ministry of Midway Bible Camp during the summer.

Sewell – Joel and Amanda – Canada

Joel: May 28th
Amanda: February 28th
Abigail: June 2nd
Ruth: July 27th
Abraham: April 13th
Rachel: September 27th
Anna: November 10th
Amos: June 22nd
April 26th, 2003

Joel and Amanda met in Alaska in 2001, while Joel was working for Victory Bible Camps. They married in 2003 and enrolled at Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, Wyoming. They joined InterAct Ministries in 2006, and they lived nine months in the Chilcotin region of British Columbia. In 2008 they moved to Longview, Alberta where they currently with their five children, where they are working alongside the Stoney people of Eden Valley, Alberta.

Smith – Dale and Carol – Oregon

Dale: January 14th
Carol: March 8th
June 15th, 1974

Dale and Carol met at a young age in their home church in North Carolina. They were married while students at Piedmont Bible College. Dale also attended the aviation course of Moody Bible Institute. Shortly after leaving Moody, they became career missionaries with InterAct, serving three and a half years at Victory Bible Camp. The next five years Dale took further studies and was involved in teaching and Christian camping. In 1989 Dale and Carol returned to Canada to work as church-planting missionaries among Native people in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Later, Dale moved into other leadership positions in Canada before taking up his present role. Dale now serves as InterAct’s executive director and Carol assists him in a number of administrative areas.

Stigile – Jesse – Canada

September 28th

Jesse grew up in Washington state. In 2014 he served in southern Alberta with InterAct’s EnGage! program. He joined InterAct in 2017 and moved to Calgary in March 2018 to join the Urban Fire ministry.

Straley – Valen and Carol – Canada

Valen: October 29th
Carol: December 9th
July 20th, 1974

Carol and Valen met when the were attending White River High school in Buckley, Washington. They were voted class couple in their Senior year (1972). After graduation, Carol went to Dental Assistant training school and Valen attended Prairie Bible Institute. Carol and Valen were married in 1974, and they returned to Prairie in 1975. While there, they felt God calling them to full-time service. God used many circumstances in their life to eventually lead them to InterAct Ministries in 1987 as missionaries to the First Nation peoples of Canada. They have two children, Amy and David, and three grandchildren, (Ashley, Jacob, and Taylor). They worked 10 years in North Battleford, SK where they discipled Native believers. They worked with other InterAct missionaries to help establish an indigenous church. Upon leaving that area the church was beginning to establish its own leadership and another couple came to work with the church. In 1998 they moved to Kamloops, BC and have worked there since helping start a fellowship of believers.

Thiessen – Roy and Laura – Canada

Roy: July 18th
Laura: January 12th
Karina: August 5th
Eden: November 15th
Anika: October 27th
October 13th, 2001

Roy and Laura grew up in a small community in New Jersey. Roy always had a heart for reaching people for Christ. They both supported friends from Bible college that were serving with Interact Ministries and decided to join Interact themselves. They landed in Cardston, AB in 2009. They are part of a Camping ministry in the summer that serves Native kids and teens. Roy serves as a teacher, disciple maker at a local multicultural fellowship in Cardston. Their vision is to see believers in lower Alberta make disciples.

Tobin – John and Tracey – Canada

John: January 22nd
Tracey: January 17th
June 24th, 1989

John and Tracey grew up in Pennsylvania and Ontario and met at Moody Bible Institute in Illinois, where they learned about the needs of the East Indian Sikhs of Canada. After spending a summer ministering to Sikhs, they joined InterAct in 1994 and began a church-planting ministry among them in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. John partners with the Indo-Canadian Christian Fellowship in Abbotsford, BC. He spends some of his time with Punjabi men who are in the clutches of addiction. Tracey builds relationships with Punjabi woman ministers to them. 

Twichell – Bill and Lois – Wyoming

Bill: March 12th
Lois: June 4th
July 2nd, 1966

Bill & Lois are volunteers with InterAct and desire to serve missionaries through member care on our Canada field. Through prayer and encouragement, they enable missionaries to keep vitality in their ministry of transforming people. Bill also serves on the U.S. Board of Directors.

Van Diest – Gale and Jean – Retired

Gale: February 5th
Jeanie: August 14th
June 6th, 1952

Gale and Jean met while attending Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland, Oregon. After graduation and marriage, they attended the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Norman, Oklahoma. Then Gale completed the Missionary Medical course at Biola. They arrived in Alaska in 1954 to begin a church-planting ministry in the Athabascan Indian village of Holikachuk. They served twelve years in Holikachuk and then moved to the newly-formed Arctic Bible Institute where Gale taught and was student advisor. Gale was appointed Alaska field director in 1970 and served as general director from 1987 to 1995. They have five grown children, three in Alaska, one in Spain, and one in Mossyrock, Washington. They also have nineteen grandchildren. They are active in ministry in the local community. Gale serves as an elder in their local church and teaches adult SS. They also serve several hours a week with the Assured Hospice. Gale is on the U.S. board of InterAct Ministries.

Voran – Kathy – Retired

Kathy met her late husband Richard in Topeka, Kansas, where Kathy was studying nursing and Richard was working in the same hospital. After Kathy’s graduation, they were married, then attended and graduated from Grace College of the Bible in Omaha, Nebraska. With a desire to go into mission work, they spent a summer in Alaska at Victory Bible Camp and Victory High School. They returned to Alaska in the fall of 1973 with their young son to the campus of Arctic Bible Institute (ABI) near Palmer. Richard served in maintenance and Kathy was the school nurse for the next fifteen years. After ABI closed, Richard was asked to assume the position of Alaskan business manager in 1991 while filling in for maintenance needs periodically. They have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grandsons. Richard went to be with the Lord in 2014.

Vyskocil – Boris and Mirka – Canada

Boris: August 19th
Mirka: July 4th
December 21st, 1996

Boris and Mirka were both born in Slovakia and raised in Christian homes. Boris accepted the Lord at age thirty-seven and Mirka at fourteen. They met and were married. After immigrating to Canada they began to get involved with ministry to First Nations people. In April of 2001 they began ministry on the Moreley Reserve 55 km west of Calgary. As “tentmakers” they help cover services in the local church about twice a month, visiting people and sharing the gospel in their houses, conducting VBS and wellness programs, wake and funeral services, cooking classes and various other activities throughout the year.

Walker – George and Harriett – California

George: November 2nd
Harriett: September 19th

George and Harriett spent 18 years overseas in cross-cultural church planting. Their ministry began in January of 1978. That year they Lord sent them to the land of Papua New Guinea. There they had the privilege to pioneer a work with their co-workers, Bob and Noby Kennell, among the Bisorio people. The Bisorios were an isolated tribe with little contact with the “outside” world. By God’s grace there are now 5 churches and 8 Bisorio pastors. The entire New Testament and a large portion of the Old Testament scriptures have been translated into the Bisorio language. The Walkers continue to have a ministry with the Bisorio believers through periodic visits and continued work on Bible commentaries. The Walkers have recently joined InterAct, and George will be involved with staff training.

Watts – Bryan and Brandy – Alaska (Volunteers)

Bryan: August 9th
Brandy: October 20th
Alyssa: June 3rd
Avery: March 4th
Hunter: September 8th
Alyanna: February 25th
Emily: November 28th
Gracie: March 3rd
June 17th

Bryan and Brandy both grew up in South Carolina where they met in high school. They were married shortly after graduating in 2000. They have both worked in children’s and youth ministry for several years and have a passion to share the love of Jesus with this age group. They have six children, Alyssa, Avery, Hunter, Alyanna, Emily, and Gracie. Bryan attended Alaska Bible College for two years where he studied the Bible. Brandy graduated from Liberty University with a M.A. in Christian Ministry in 2016. They are so excited to be able to serve God in Alaska.

Wortham – Brooke – Canada

January 21

Brooke was born and raised in northeast Georgia and loves the outdoors. She studied at Toccoa Falls College and graduated with a degree in Cross-Cultural Studies in 2015. She participated in EnGage! in 2014 and knew that God was leading her into full-time Native ministry. Brooke’s vision is to help indigenous young adults experience whole-life healing and reconciliation through developing strong and healthy relationships with God, people, and themselves. She is joining the Urban Fire team in Calgary, Alberta to live in whole-life discipleship to fulfill that vision.

Zook – Tim and Larissa – Alaska (Volunteers)

Tim: October 3rd
Larissa: October 17th
September 24th, 2005

Tim and Larissa are both passionate about young people and have a special love for the Native youth of Alaska. They have been serving in the Fairbanks Native Bible Church as youth leaders for over fifteen years. Knowing God has called them to demonstrate to the youth what it means to live in this world and still be a light for Christ, they choose to work regular jobs to support their family. All financial support sent to their ministry goes directly to youth outreach reimbursement. Serving as a family is important to them. Their children accompany them on mission trips with the youth group, occasional youth outreach events and in their home as young people regularly come to visit. Their sons are Merrick, Elliot and Reuben.