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The ministry of MBC is making an impact for the gospel in the remote, Northern regions of Manitoba. In order for the ministry to continue to accommodate summer campers and staff safely and comfortably, the camp badly needs to replace their bunk beds and mattresses.

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Goal: $26,000

Covers the cost of building 45 new bunk beds and purchasing 100 new mattresses



Located in Thompson, Manitoba, Midway Bible Camp (MBC) is passionate about growing Christian leaders in the North. As a part of InterAct Ministries, MBC places a strong emphasis on making disciples who go on to make disciples in their own communities. Over the years, the summer camp has helped form relationships that have developed into long-term discipleship and mentoring opportunities. From these relationships, new ministries have begun, including the Serving and Leadership Training (SALT) initiative. SALT began as a platform for training potential camp staff and quickly grew into a weekly discipleship-focused youth group that meets year-round in the communities of Thompson, Nelson House, and Split Lake.

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