Josh & Joylnn Beutler

Josh: June 27th
Joylynn: July 16th
Asher: October 16th
Elliot: June 3rd

Joylynn grew up in rural Manitoba where she was constantly in contact with First Nation communities. Josh grew up in rural Alberta and had a similar experience. They both attended Millar College of the Bible in 2008 where they met and felt God confirm first the desire to work with First Nations people and second to do it together. They married in 2012 and moved to Southern Alberta where they worked with InterAct on a volunteer basis. During this time they saw they potential to get further involved and decided to pursue ministry full time. They currently live in Lethbridge, AB with their two boys, Asher and Elliot, and serve among the Blackfoot people of the Kainai (Blood) Reserve. They are always seeking to learn more about the culture and the language in order to develop culturally relevant disciples of Christ.

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