Retired Missionaries

Freda Arnold

BIRTHDAY January 5

Freda met Russ Arnold in high school. As a junior there, Russ felt the call of the Lord to serve in Alaska. He and Freda were married in 1951, after which he finished Bible school and a missionary medical course in Canada. In 1956 they joined InterAct (then Arctic Missions) and traveled with their three children to Alaska to the small village of Kokrines, where they ministered among the Athabaskan people. The following year they moved to the village of Ruby, where they ministered for ten years. They then moved to the village of Nenana and remained there for six years. From 1973, Russ taught in and directed the Arctic Bible Institute in Palmer and saw several graduates serve their Lord in their respective villages. After ten years at the school, he moved into administrative duties in Alaska and then in Calgary (Canada) and back to Palmer, Alaska, in 1996. The Arnolds officially retired in 2009 but continued to correct Bible lessons from prisoners and enjoy phone calls and visits from the people from the villages and former students. Russ went home to be with the Lord in October 2021. Freda’s heart is still with the people and fellow missionaries they served.

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