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Jamie: November 4th
Beth: September 18th
Davis: February 21st
Faith: October 6th
November 16th

Jamie and Beth both grew up in North Carolina and were married in 2002. They have two children, Davis and Faith. God placed a love in their heart for missions and they began praying about serving on the field. They joined InterAct in 2016 and spent two years raising support before moving to the field in November, 2018. They are now serving at InterAct’s Lazy Mountain Campus in Palmer, Alaska, home to numerous ministries, including the LEaD program, a residential Native Alaskan discipleship course, abuse recovery programs, ministry retreats, respite for missionaries and more. Jamie is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance on this large campus, and their family also serves in the area of hospitality for visitors. Visit the Rodericks' website to learn more about their ministry.