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David: November 19th
Marci: October 2nd
August 24th, 1974

David and Marci came to know the Lord when they were children. They met in a Sunday school class as young adults where both were visiting for the first time. They were married in 1974. David is a graduate of Cedarville College and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has pastored churches in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio and in Indianapolis, Indiana. After being summer missionaries in Alaska three summers, they felt a call from the Lord to develop Native leaders and minister to teens, and have worked with InterAct in Fairbanks since 1990. David has been the pastor of the Fairbanks Native Bible Church during this time. In 2003 they dedicated a new log church by the river to the Lord. On the day of dedication nearly a half million dollars had been spent and the church was debt free. David continues to mentor and disciple Native leaders as well as serve in the area of mobilization and recruitment for the mission. Marci is active in children’s ministry, Bible studies, helping David in the administration of the church, and handles the financial records.